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The development and growth of the company today is inseparable from a dedicated team of talents. Xingma Soldering has combined excellent human resources with advanced management systems to achieve the Xingma brand.
The company is people-oriented and adheres to the management main line of "people-oriented thinking", which subtly transmits the corporate values ​​to the company's colleagues, thereby creating a highly cohesive talent team, which is the work enthusiasm and creativity of each Xingma people. Over the past 40 years, the business has been hit by storms and ups and downs. Under the leadership of the company's senior management, Xingma people have come all the way. As the company continues to grow, Xingma's corporate culture has been continuously enriched and developed, and gradually built into a A corporate culture centered on innovation, progress, integrity and efficiency, and fully embodies the Xingma cultural characteristics of "people-oriented, open, and co-prosperous", a good social reputation and a profound corporate culture form a perfect connotation system .
Adhering to the fine traditions and creating the brilliance of the times, the outstanding management team will continue to lead the company's healthy, sustainable and coordinated development with profound professional knowledge and years of industry experience.

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